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Labyrinth and racing sound interesting together. Well, we tried to create one of the most challenging, puzzle, racing games that includes tons of interesting shapes, mazes and game modes. You’ll need to show great thinking skills, reaction and strategy if you want to stay on top of the White Labyrinth Maze Racing Game.
#Crazy MAZE#
You are a small square that needs to pass through the labyrinths without touching the obstacles. This maze race can get crazy if you don’t drive with skills and patience.
#Simple and unique RACING#
This is one of the simplest racing games you will ever play. However, instead of annoying cars and too complicated environments, we created white labyrinth filled with different directions and obstacles that require your attention.
#3 Game MODES##

We are farily sure that you will get around and master the first labyrinth racing in the easy mode. But be sure to check the other two more challenging game modes: medium and my name is crazy. The latter can challenge you to the fullest with the mazes.
##Avoid the SHAPES##
Racing would’ve been much easier if there weren’t various shapes stopping you. Always avoid touching the different shapes and control your energy levels.
Racing with the square is easy. You can go in all directions with the control located left and right at the bottom of the screen.

#Simple, yet enjoyable DESIGN#
This racing puzzler has beautiful red background and white colored shapes and letters which makes the game even more enjoyable. The sound effects are cool too, you’ll love them.
##White Labyrinth Maze Racing FEATURES##
- racing gameplay
- puzzle with different shapes
- 3 game modes
- simple controls
- challenging racing environment
If you are searching for a unique puzzle racing labyrinth game, be sure to try this one. It can easily become your favorite racing casual game.

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