As colors flash by your eyes, the characters remain constant, unchanging, black and white, standing out from the world in which you are playing. This game is Jumpy Jumper, and it's going to change the way you view the simple act of jumping. You jump upwards, over and over, either straight upwards or off a wall in order to get a boost.

Are you ready for a challenge?
Collect puzzle pieces along the way, and once you have collected enough pieces, you unlock a random character. There are prizes to collect, and while the colors may flash by, the game itself will not, lasting you many hours and keeping you busy on your phone for some time to come. Let your mind drift away. Forget about the world in which anything is required other than upwards jumping. That's another world.
This is Jumpy Jumper!

We all need money & want to be millionaires, but it’s not easy to be one. Now you can pretend to be rich in our funny game! Fun Fake Bank Account Prank is a unique & harmless joke. This app looks like a real bank app . This funny game simulates a bank account where you can have as much fake money as you want! Deposit, transfer money, and withdraw money from your fake bank account anytime you want and enjoy this fun bank prank and harmless joke with your friends!

Aside from playing funny game, we also hope that this money game can motivate you to work harder. It feels good to pretend to be rich and see so much money on your bank account, isn’t it? Even though you know it’s only fake money and fake bank account. We do hope that you will be motivated so that you will be a real millionaire and you will have real money in your real bank account, not just fake money in a harmless prank to fool someone? But before you become a real rich guy or rich gal, just play pretend to be rich and have fun in this fake money game!
So, maybe you’re wondering how do I play a harmless prank and funny prank to fool my friends using this app? Read below for our suggestion on how to best play a fun prank and make some money jokes. Just remember that this app is supposed to be a harmless joke and harmless prank

Heard about this game before? Does it ring some bells ? Yes, this is one of your favourite games when you were small and loved playing with your friends and family. A very interesting game that tests your mind and skills , and improves your ability to think and be creative, at the same time, helps you learn a lot of new words.

This game is purely a multiplayer game and a very simple and easy to use interface. You need to login to play the game, if you want to get all goodies like power ups, synchronizing your scores across game center, and sharing your scores with your friends and family and invite more people to play the game with you.

The following features have been provided for you to play this MULTIPLAYER game, hope you love it!
- Login using Game Center. (Sync your progress)
- Play the game directly.
- Ability to create a game room for players to join or you can also join game rooms that currently active.
- Game rooms created without any players or inactive will be available to join in within only 5 minutes of creating the game room.
- Users can join only one game room at a time, as this is a game with timer.
- Minimum 2 players are required to start the game with each other.
- Maximum of 4 players are allowed within a game room.
- The first player has to choose an alphabet to start with , which is shown in the game. Thereafter all turns go sequentially after the selected alphabets till all alphabets have been used.
- Each player gets a maximum of 40 seconds to write down a NAME,PLACE,ANIMAL,THING.
- Each correct NAME or PLACE or ANIMAL or THING for a player turn gives 10 points.
- For each player with same NAME or PLACE or ANIMAL or THING, the points are divided by the number of players having the same answer. For example, if 2 players have same name, then point is divided by 2, if 3 players then divided by 3 and so on.
- 5 points will be subtracted for every wrong NAME or PLACE or ANIMAL or THING.
- For all correct answers in NAME,PLACE,ANIMAL & THING additional 10 points are awarded per alphabet.
- Users finishing all the alphabet rounds for a game get an additional bonus for that round either as points or coins.

Power ups
AddTime- Adds 10 seconds extra for a player to play his turn while others dont get this. Multiple players can use this power at the same time.
ReduceTime- Reduces the time of any opponent player by 1 seconds.
Auto Show Words - Shows one word for either NAME,PLACE,ANIMAL or THING for that round in the game.

In-App purchases.
- Users are given 200 free coins initially for which they can make purchases.
- Different goodies can be bought using coins which will be made available in the game.
- Users can make purchases using Apple In-App purchases to buy coins which can be used for goodies later in the game.
- User are allowed a maximum of 7 GAMES in a day . After 7 GAMES they need to purchase a recharge pack which allows him to play additional games as per the pricing plan defined in the game.

Referral Bonus:
Users inviting or referring other users get referral bonus of 50 coins for every invite up-to a maximum of 1000 coins only on Successful SIGNUPS.

Astero Avoider is a challenging asteroid arcade game in which you’ll need to show great control skills and reflexes to shoot and avoid the obstacles in a colorful space environment. With its beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay and easy controls, Astero Avoider can entertain you to the fullest.
Avoider for android for free

Fly through the galaxy and avoid or shoot the asteroids. Be careful, because sometimes you will come across a group of asteroids difficult to avoid. In that case, it would be smarter to shoot them. You need to feel the gameplay and stay alive as long as possible. Use the rockets wisely.
Bring with you a cute companion to gather coins and pickups for you. He will whirl around when hit by asteroids, but cannot be killed by them.

If you want to push your limits, you will have to upgrade your spaceship. But spend the coins wisely.
See why we are rated as one of the best space arcade games!
Let Astero Avoider be your newest space arcade addiction

DOWNLOAD game Astero Avoider for android for free :

the King or Queen of the Dragon Ninja Clan in the magical myth and legend! Train your ninja skill, and be the Ninja Master! Welcome to join fascinating jumps and flights of a ninja! Win a victory over ninja battles and share your triumphs with the worlds. Race with the ninja to its fullest with most realistic control to face the challenges of unique environments. Collect gold coins and gems as you dash, run, rush, slide, jump, dodge and scramble against others in fun-filled, fast-paced missions.
Do you think being a Ninja Champion is easy? Run, slide and jump through challenging levels and race your way to the top of the league. Beware of flying shurikens and booby traps, such as spiky bamboo, walls and holes. Watch out for the lurking angry red bulls, as they will try to stop your quest! Overcome countless booby traps, defeat enemies, and avoid the deadly shurikens; this is the play rule in this fun game. Grab shields, flying rockets, power-ups, giant potions, magic wands, springs, rainbow bridge, flying stars and powerful magnets. You have to be strong, fast and be stealthy. Collect gold and gems to upgrade your ninja power ups, you can also gather mounting animals and pets to strengthen your skills. Be the ultimate shadow ninja!
Dragon Ninja Rush is a new style of fast paced action game, with responsive and intuitive touch control. Ultimately, it tests your reflexes against time and movement. Gain the best timing score in global ranking and challenge the worldwide players. It's a ninja rush action! Enjoy and feel the real thrill of the ancient ninja life. Endless stunning and challenging levels that will make you play for hours. The thrilling action saga will you playing until the very end!

Are you ready to begin your magical action packed adventure games? How to play:
- Tap to jump or slide to avoid obstacles;
- Defeat various powerful opponents and dash your way to victory;
- Collect as many coins and gems as possible;
- Gain power ups and unlock new character heroes. 
- Cover as much distance to gain points; and
- Distance is important.
The features await you:
- Build your own ninja character with Ninja Boy, Ninja Girl, Ninja Supreme or Ninja Cyborg;
- Design your own ninja avatar ride with Snowy Mammoth, Strong Bear, White Tiger or Legendary Dragon;
- Gather you own pet with Ninja Dog, Fiery Dragon, Ninja Hamster and Ninja Cat;
- Run through stunning beautiful locations such as Sakura Flowers Garden, Green Bamboo Garden, Night Shining Moon Clouds, and Seaside Night; 
- Amazing power up boosts with lightening effects, while competing with other players in the ninja racing;
- Various villains and obstacles; 
- Fun addicting achievements and levels; 
- Simple but fun tap touch control;
- Enchanting orchestra and relaxing music;
- Stunning HD graphics, colourful visual cartoon and smooth great animation;
- Endless ninja fun and endless run saga;
- Tablet optimized;
- Social network sharing, facebook;
- Stay tuned for updates; and
- Challenging leaderboard contests and gameplay
- Amazing action and adventure game perfect for children and adults.
Are you a true Ninja Warrior? Now it's time for YOU to live the dream, climb the leaderboards and entrench you name in the Hall of Fame! Have fun!

How you spent your time ? work , chat , gossip , surfing , sleeping , exercise , doing nothing !! don't really know ? let iTrack do a tracking of your time spent and present you a report to improve yourself.

- Set your options , set interval for app to ask you about your time spent and set timing you want to track.
- app will ask you at regular interval to know what you really do
- just be true to our app and you will be pleasantly surprise to know reports.
- that will surely be helpful in improving yourself.
Install , Set and Improve yourselftop android apps, android   top free apps, tracker for android, free tracker for mobile,
itrack , track your focus

Download itrack for Free:

Rio baby is a popular game which is now available as a gaming app for smartphone users. The game requires the user to tap their smartphone screen to make the bird fly. The goal of the player is to fly the bird through the end of the level while getting through several obstacles and hurdles in between. The game also allows the users to record their best scores and share them with their friends.
Rio Baby features certain power-ups which the user can use to speed up their game and move faster through various levels. These power-ups make the gameplay more exciting and addictive for players. There are several special power-ups, each having a distinct advantage or disadvantage. For example, the Red apples increase the size of the birds and improve the player’s score by 50 points. However, bigger birds have less flexibility.

The Green Apple power-ups can return the size of the bird to its normal, allowing it to fly between logs easily. In this game, the bigger rewards come with bigger risks, so the user needs to be careful while using them. For instance, the Green apples decrease the player’s score by 25 points. Another unique power-up is the Red Chilies that cause the birds to do crazy stunts during the gameplay. The birds go loopy by taking these Chillies.

This exciting new game allows the user to pull off all kinds of flights in stunning landscapes that make game play fun. The player can choose from a variety of diverse power ups and also unlock new tricks and moves. The player will also face the challenge of aiming their bird to make a perfect entry through obstacles without hitting the rocks. All in all, it is a fun game developed keeping in mind both kids and adults.
The game provides the user with a dynamic and entertaining gaming experience. The graphics are of high quality and keep the player engaged while they discover new tricks. The player will fly through death defying locations and scenic landscapes. This is a game for all ages and stages. Invite your friends and share your scores.
Rio Baby, the beloved macaw in our game, is actually a real bird! She is the cherished pet of the game developer, Aravindh Satyamoorthy

Top Secret this is how to make your android faster than before 

Booster, RAM and Clean master is one of the best battery saver and speed booster apps. Based on a new engine, with totally sleek design and new code, the app will surely be suited as one of the best new clean master, cleaner and performance boost apps in 2016.
*Cleaner FUNCTION*
With few simple taps you’ll be able to clean your phone from all the junk that is making it lag. In that way you will save more storage memory that you can use for any other purpose. Simply visit the junk cleaner section and delete all unneeded files.

BATTERY saver*
In the battery saver section, you’ll be able to preset your phone and save battery when there are battery problems. For example you can set your phone to automatically lower brightness or turn off Bluetooth when it comes to a certain low battery level.*Quick Phone BOOST*
With a simple tap, Booster, RAM and Battery Saver will enable you fast PERFORMANCE BOOST .

 Get Now RAM and Battery Saver for Android :

Geometry Run 3D: Speed Race, the game that will test your reflexes.
Put to test your reflexes with Geometry Run 3D: Speed Race. Simple but beautiful graphics, intuitive controls, top music.
Pass through the platforms as fast as possible to earn more points and try to get the highest score. Climb to the top of the leader boards and keep your records! Avoid the bombs to not lose life, collect cubes for future games and collect life points to keep playing. Let yourself be carried away by the music and the beautiful and colorful 3D graphics.
In Geometry Run 3D: Speed Race you can customize your model in the garage section. Earn cubes with free offers or buy them from the shop section. Buy packages to eliminate advertising or to be able to play offline wherever you are.
Features of Geometry Run 3D: Speed Race:
-Beautiful colored and fully 3D graphics
-Difficult and challenging game
-Addictive music

-Completely Free
-World leaderboards
-Customization the model used during games (cube, sphere, and more)
-Buy pack to remove ads
-Much more
For any problem about the game, you can contact us directly from the game by clicking on the email icon. The game’s support email is
Follow us on our social pages to stay informed about Geometry Run 3D: Speed Race’s news and other Exacron’s games.
Have fun with Geometry Run 3D: Speed Race by Exacron!

GET Geometry Run 3D: Speed Race for andorid :

Zombies Games is a funny casual game for iOS where awesome zombies celebrate several competitive games.

A T-Virus pandemic spreads across the world infecting humankind and turning most people into zombies.

In this new civilization, and in spite of T-Virus, one of the few things that remain is a strong competitive feeling deeply rooted in these creatures.

At present, zombies celebrate the Zombie Games just as humans did.

All these creatures are hungry for glory and want to win the fresh brains awarded to competitive medalists.

They will try hard, train and leave it all on the field.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Main Features ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

▶▶ 8 Awesome and funny characters to play with! ◀◀
√ Different genders.
√ Different physiognomy.
√ Different set of features.
√ All funny and lovely Zombies.
√ Meet Candy, Robb, Jackie, Bones, Gary, Kat, Fred, Otto.
√ And choose your favorite!!

Get Free Zombies Games - 2016 for Iphone and Ipad!

Do you like battle and monsters games? Are you addicted to playing amazing arcade games? Do you want to get an amazing, free and addictive King Red Game? Then you are in the right place. MY4FACES Enter King Red is the coolest battle game ever! This game will challenge your brain and will test your skills to see if you will be able to save Rio from the Red King. Sounds easy, but will you really be able to complete this mission without letting them kill him?

The best thing in our game is that its very easy to play and for free, so you can play as much as you like without limits! We will keep you busy all the time. All your friends are playing our amazing emotions game - can you beat their high scores?!

How to play our addictive MY4FACES Enter King Red game instead of other arcades games?

① First, you need to download our game from Play Store and install it in your smartphone or tablet for Free!

② Once you launch the game on your phone, you can tap the screen to start it. Then you will be able to see Rio, he's inside a cage in a realistic and awesome environment. After this, there is some King Reds who are going to kill Rio, don't let them, to that you must stop them by tapping the screen. It's very easy to control our emotions game!

③ You need to stop as many King Reds who are coming from the top, you need also to be fast and stop as many as you can at the same time without letting them hit and kill Rio.

④ Don't let them kill Rio in this amazing and addictive emotions game, the game will ends and you will loose. But, even if you loose, don't give up. Try again and you'll do it without problems!

Our Game comes with -

* Excellent Graphics Quality

* Single Tap Control Game

* Play it during your journey!

 Download MY4FACES Enter King Red free for Iphone and Ipad :

Labyrinth and racing sound interesting together. Well, we tried to create one of the most challenging, puzzle, racing games that includes tons of interesting shapes, mazes and game modes. You’ll need to show great thinking skills, reaction and strategy if you want to stay on top of the White Labyrinth Maze Racing Game.
#Crazy MAZE#
You are a small square that needs to pass through the labyrinths without touching the obstacles. This maze race can get crazy if you don’t drive with skills and patience.
#Simple and unique RACING#
This is one of the simplest racing games you will ever play. However, instead of annoying cars and too complicated environments, we created white labyrinth filled with different directions and obstacles that require your attention.
#3 Game MODES##

We are farily sure that you will get around and master the first labyrinth racing in the easy mode. But be sure to check the other two more challenging game modes: medium and my name is crazy. The latter can challenge you to the fullest with the mazes.
##Avoid the SHAPES##
Racing would’ve been much easier if there weren’t various shapes stopping you. Always avoid touching the different shapes and control your energy levels.
Racing with the square is easy. You can go in all directions with the control located left and right at the bottom of the screen.

#Simple, yet enjoyable DESIGN#
This racing puzzler has beautiful red background and white colored shapes and letters which makes the game even more enjoyable. The sound effects are cool too, you’ll love them.
##White Labyrinth Maze Racing FEATURES##
- racing gameplay
- puzzle with different shapes
- 3 game modes
- simple controls
- challenging racing environment
If you are searching for a unique puzzle racing labyrinth game, be sure to try this one. It can easily become your favorite racing casual game.

 Download White Labyrinth Maze Racing :

free Racing scoo Xtrem ter bike for iphone and ipad neverwinter 

 Welcome to the Big chance of winning the Racing Xtrem scooter Bike Game easily ,no Gps location tracker or Cheating Guide , it’s an Amazing opportunity to get it the big Free racing mode .

Get neverwinter  now the new exclusive stream scooter Racing Game for Poke Go scooter drift . Get real-time experience tips to fast collecting your coins . Collect as much you can with other friends and players and be ready for driving the big challenge to get the best bulk points on moto stream bike. 

we know that there is a Big racing of xtrem neverwinter sooner bike or challenge to win the in the Game for this reason we made it easy for you diver .

Use the game and challenge yourself now, You driver , riding your fast motorbike and start neverwinter collenting rare Poke easily are in sight. If you don't download this app you'll be at a disadvantage. Don't miss out driver :) . Download it now.

Keep it in mind driver ,i want to mention that , this is not a real Guide for GO racing (ポケモンgo) but this is another kind of adventure racing game that provides full details for all 51 pocket and how to get them when you’re advanced in levels .

Features of Racing Go :
-Many Levels.
-Hight images and Graphics.
-Nice and smooth sounds.
-And more Features i will let you to discover 
to upgrade to new level.
Nb: This Game Has No relationship between pokemon game .


Boca scooter racing neverwinter edition  for Iphone and ipad

welcome to Super chavo scooter racing

At home to Super chavo scooter racing

Everyone friendship Santa 'papa noel' , But who can Help him to liberate gifts to kids of the boca the  neverwinter human race copa .
In this adventure in the biggest forest of america , "Chavo" (santa) need to challenge obstacles to realize all kid's wishes to be a part of an Moto Bike Drag Race Rivals ,don't hurt santa. And win the Price by the end up .

Scooter Racing is not barely a down-to-earth game like all folks raccing game in the arkade game, the extreme chavo games is vacant on behalf of all any person can cooperate it but you need to help Papa Noel to liberate the gifts to all the the human race,neverwinter on behalf of friendship and stillness it's your job to help el chavo ultimate scooter racing neverwinter
And stunt simulator , to Winn the elevated racing!

He! Bro ! After Playing scooter battle , Welcome again on behalf of choosing the stunt bike racing game. So are you endlessly dreamed of proper a bike stunt,Hurt hurdle, drill on mountains using a fast motor bike? Now it's vacant refusal needs of discipline driving license 2017 or a few driving license next to all , all it liberated connecting your hands.
With this top liberated arkade game ,Best adventure based on racing simulator game everyplace you can cooperate generously like you're driving a fast scooter in real life. So Prepare to like fast moto racing scooter and Help Mr Santa to liberate his gifts to the the human race.

Elements of Super chavo bike Features of Super chavo scooter racing and Moto Bike Drag Race Rivals 2017 :

Ï Awesome minions Race & Xtreme Moto models
Ï Challenging obstacles and Powerful hurdles
Ï Moto with upgradable skin tone and fast driving methods
Ï Extreme bike riding experience with!

Ï Smooth lean control of the scooter.
Ï Amazing Graphics and sound can't hurt your audible range.
Ï Share your experience and adventure and challenge your links.

Volk ! Are you about to to the grown-up racing ? Scooter moto racing is about to and remember don't Hurt Santa ; and winn the grown-up rate

 Download it for Iphone : Boca scooter

We are truly excited and honored to present a new app for the Yoga and Meditation realm!
This app is just like UBER or Airbnb but for Yoga and Meditation classes near by.
You browse the map according to your preference and you can reserve your spot by just clicking "GO".

"Deemed the hybrid of Uber and AirBnb, Medidate maps out nearby gatherings for meditators, yoga doers, musicians, and practitioners of tai chi....
The great value of Medidate is that it is a network and tool to bring communities together. The clean graphics and multiple options make it easy to use and navigate. There is great potential for teachers to grow their network and for students to quickly find classes that align with their needs."

Medidate, available on iPhone and Android phones, is free and connects practitioners and teachers. Teachers can create a class listing and practitioners can find nearby sessions. Reputed teachers such as Kino MacGregor, Marla Apt and other great instructors have already joined the app.The main feature is the map (or the list) which pins the class location, price, description, time, date, and creator. Practitioners have the option to "Go," and the event syncs to the phone's calendar. Both practitioners and teachers have the option to start a chat for more detailed information. Practitioners can keep track of their past and upcoming classes and follow teachers to keep track of upcoming sessions. Payments from students to teachers is also an integrated feature.

Download it here for IOS :

 Download it here for Android :

Get Now The new Miita game for IOS for free

Meet our Rajasthani sweet shop owner who needs help sorting his sweets. Help him match 3 or more sweets and travel through various lands of India, visit the 7th wonder of the world and match up the sweets and go further in your journey.

Miita for android  Start your journey with our sweet Gulab Jamun and meet new sweets at every next step!

Invite your friends to challenge them and see who can score more and travel farther.

Look out for special sweets and objectives for each round.

Miita for ios

Miita Sweet Features :

*Create Miithaai/Sweets Magic Blast!
*Hundreds of Sweets in our every Mithaai/Sweets Land.
*Unwrap beautiful environments of India and unlock Desi indian sweets.
*100 Interesting Levels.
*Shining and delicious sweets.

*Make Matches of 3 sweets or more.
*Target mode, Time mode, Move mode & other game goals!
*Totally Free game with some cool in-app purchases.
*Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
*Sync and share game between your all devices.
*Internet, PC, Facebook versions are coming soon!

Download Miita for IOS for Free :