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guess the movie free quiz game
This is a brilliant way of combining quizzes and silly games together. In the first part of ideas for alternative quizzes we looked at using dice to pick questions and quiz master, Spin the bottle and finally guess the question from the answer. Here is the concluding part to this two part article on quizzes.
Take a simple classic children's game say ludo, give each player some questions or let them bring their own and get them to mark on whats on the board to each question. With board games that have colors like ludo you can put difficulties level into the questions. Play the guess the movie as you would normally but only use one token to move if playing ludo as you'll run out of questions. The player answers the question to what it references on the board game. With the other tokens on a ludo board every time they get a question right they move one of their color tokens to the finish whilst they move around the board. If they get a quiz question wrong they move a token back to their start point. The object of the game if using ludo could be all tokens into the end. Then they can only be allowed to move if they land within ex amount of spaces and if they get the answer to the question they win. Players cannot move their moving token into the finish until all their other tokens are there but once this has happened they don't need to move them back for incorrect answers.
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