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ButterflyBeauty - Find your Beauty Twin anywhere around the globe and Get Feedback with Audience Analytics


Do you often look at someone’s photos and wish you could look as put together? ButterflyBeauty application can help you do that.
ButterflyBeauty for iphone
Key features:

Real-time facial detection: Butterfly Hub’s proprietary technology analyzes your selfie and finds people with similar facial features from around the globe. You can select your favorite looks from these images.


Suggestions based on your preferred looks: Get tips from our beauty community or professionals. You can poll other members or ask for expert advice on how to achieve your favorite looks. Treat this app as a style guru, you’ll have all the tips you need to improve your everyday looks and enhance your beauty for different occasions. And with luck, you may find beauty twin in another region of the world. Download the app and experience it now!

Download ButterflyBeauty for Iphone and Ipad for free :


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