Quote Fountain IOS - 10000+ drops of Potent Wisdom awaits

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Quote Fountain - 10000+ drops of Potent Wisdom awaits

IOS free quotes, Quote Fountain - 10000+ drops of Potent Wisdom awaits

"A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles." -Washington Irving-

This is an extremely simple and elegant quote app. There is only one button to get the next quote and the design is minimal. It is designed with you in mind and only you. There is no pretty picture to distract you, so infuse yourself in the wisdom and use your imagination.

Whether you need inspiration or motivation; seeking for happiness or enlightenment; or just want to meditate with a wealth of wisdom from ancient sage to today’s successful entrepreneur.

This app covers over 10,000+ inspirational sayings from East to West, from past to present and all these positive and uplifting messages are available on your device.

Infuse with Affirmative power
Brighten up mindset
Motivate, Inspire and Energize any existing atmosphere


Download Quote Fountain for IOS Free : 


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